5 Mistakes To Avoid When Applying Individual Lashes

Individual lashes are like one of those tiny brushes that you use to enhance the little details that define an artwork at the end of the use of big brushes. If it wasn’t there, the art wouldn’t look how it really should. How educated are you on the application of individual lashes? Or have you just settled down to using strips just because you’re too insecure to get on with singular lashes? If so, your perception will surely change at the end of this read.

Here are 5 mistakes to avoid when applying individual lashes.

  • Not clearly identifying the positions which lack volume

Understanding the exact positions where the eyelash volume is least is important. That way, you would be able to choose the right type of individual lashes. Usually, the widely chosen 5d pre made volume fans fixes many issues by the application of one unit. If that doesn’t do the job, you can do some fine adjustments by applying 2d or 3d units. It is never cost effective nor natural looking to replace the 5d with a 2d and a 3d. The process too isn’t the easiest.

  • Getting the color compatibility wrong

Being acknowledged of the the natural color of your eye lashes before both buying and applying is important. Because if you bought products of inaccurate colors, it would be a waste of time. You should also never ever try adding shades of the colors unless at the outer ends because you wouldn’t look so great otherwise. Hence, talk to a beautician so you’d know what you need to buy exactly; whether it was singular colored or multiple.

  • Using a separate stick to apply glue to the lashes

Singular lashes must be glued up with a separate stick or whatsoever. Instead, you can carefully dip the end that is to be pasted in the eyelash extension glue Australia and carefully apply. If you tried to apply glue to the end manually, you’re highly likely to end up applying glue in the hairs accidently, which would be quite unfortunate.

  • Forgetting to curl them before application

Unlike the application with full stripes, you need to curl your natural lashes when you’re pasting individual ones. The purpose of the curling is to both identify and have clear visual access so that you will not place the glued end at the wrong place.

  • Over application of mascara

It is somewhat essential to apply a layer of mascara to finish off the job but when the layers are just too much, the thickness of the oily substance wouldn’t look so great on you. Hence, remember not to overdo but settle down ideally.