How To Plan A Fun Weekend Gateway With Friends On A Budget

Traveling and going on vacations are always a fun experience but in most instances, it is not the destination that provides the great experience instead it is the people that you chose to travel with that makes this experience enjoyable and unforgettable. However, as you may know, going on vacations is not always a cheap task therefore in the following article I will proceed to explore some budget-friendly options for those who wish to embark on a weekend gateway with their friends.Siam hostel Bangkok


For many individuals, the most expensive aspect of any trip would the accommodations. However, this does not have to be it is possible for one to find a budget-friendly lodgings option that is not only easy on their wallets but also provides them with the necessary amenities in order to make sure that the trip is a success. Thus one great option for one would be to opt for a Siam hostel Bangkok. This is a great idea no matter how big or small your party may be because these lodgings would have the space to accommodate everyone. However, if you do not like this idea because you think that you would not get the privacy you require to enjoy your time with your friends then you can opt for a Bangkok hostel private room because on the grand scale of things such a room would be cheaper option when compared to making a booking in a hotel or in a resort.

Group Activities

When traveling with a group of people it is always found to engage in a variety of group activities because this would encourage some friendly competition between the members in the group and would proceed to make this trip more enjoyable for everyone involved. Therefore before you make any decisions regarding the destination make sure that it offers a variety of activities that would suit every individual’s preference.


It is always a great idea to plan a night out in town when traveling with a group of people but going out for food for every meal could easily rack up the cost. Therefore, depending on the lodgings that you selected you could opt to cook a couple of meals because this would help to save a significant amount of money. Furthermore, instead of asking one person to cook all the meals one can make cooking a group activity as well because it would be a great opportunity for everyone to get involved and have fun. Moreover, instead of opting for the same type of cuisine one can plan different cuisines for each day because this would make the cooking process more fun for everyone involved.

You may think that planning a weekend gateway with friends would be an overwhelming task but it does not have to be so if you follow the aforementioned guide.

What You Need To Look For When Hunting A Five-star Inn?

Anything less than a five star, could either be good or bad, depending on where exactly you choose to visit, the kind of budget you are settling on and the purpose of the trip. When you are on a road trip with your mates, you could afford to even settle in a cheap motel, but when you are an important delegate representing your company, you cannot settle for anything less than five star. Here is what you need to keep in mind when hunting for such a place.

Quality service

One of the most important and essential things you need to look for in Luang Prabang hotels with pools that are more or less classified as five-star is, their level of service. Of course evaluating this without experience becomes rather tough to achieve, yet when you take up the liberty to research and read up reviews, you could easily make a sound judgement that would be close to whatever you might have to experience. One of the best ways to arrive at conclusions on the kind of service an inn offers is by, reading deep into the ways how they handle a problem. Are they going to be calm and corporative to resolve it or are they going to keep ignoring it? depending on the reaction, you can easily determine the kind of service they offer. In addition to that, be sure to read up on all that the place claims to offer. And once you actually get there, be sure to question them on it. if they are hesitant, then that is a clear first impression on the lousy place they are running, but if they aren’t then you have made the right choice.

That personal feeling of home

Most hotels take up the liberty to ensure that their guests feel like their stay is like a home away from home. This means, that certain places go to an extent where they maintain records of the client’s favorites and such, so that the next time they visit, the clients wouldn’t really have to make a request on what they would like, and the inn can surprise them by serving it to them without them even requesting for it. Calling out the clients from their names in a respectful manner also makes them feel like they are a part of the family and aren’t just another walking wallet! So if you come across such places when hunting a good inn for a stay over, then you have definitely chosen well! You can view more about the different types of facilitie offered here


As customers one of the favorite parts of visiting an inn or guesthouse is the complimentary items we get. I mean who doesn’t love sweet smelling customised shampoos or those cute little butter boxes that comes with the starters! Basically the newer and free it seems, the better it is, after all you are paying for a good stay and not being privileged to compliments, is rather disappointing. So if a place, doesn’t offer such compliments that aren’t necessarily durable but could be complimentary car rides in a car owned by the place, a tour guide to go sightseeing and such, then you have definitely missed out on a lot. And that inn, isn’t worth a second visit! So be sure to look forward to these cute little complimentary goodies and rides in any five-star inn!
Choose the best place for your stay over, and be sure to experience the above, yourself!

Taking A Break From Life

Many of us work extremely long hours at our jobs to earn money and we usually hardly have any money remaining at the end of the month to buy something for ourselves or to invest in ourselves and even in cases where we do have some money remaining at the end of the month, we tend to save it up in the bank because of the intense fear that we have of the future and potential emergencies that may come up and while this fear is very valid because medical care is so very expensive in this day and age, it is also vital that we get some reward for all of the hard work that we do.

Going months and months without a break or without buying ourselves a small treat can be very bad for our health and by doing this, we can increase the chances of us getting ill. Every one of us needs to take time off, to take a break to do something that we love doing and not just things that bring in money. You might be an artist or you might be someone that loves to take pictures. Either way, taking time off can be great for your health and it can also help you to be more productive and work more efficiently when you get back.

Making a plan for yourself

It is important that you make an effort to get out of the house during your break because if you stay at home, you will fall back in to your same old routine and it will not be a break at all. You can look at some inexpensive holiday rentals in a nice location and choose to go away. It is a good idea for you to go away without your phone, laptop, smart phone and other devices because again, having these with us means we tend to go back to the same routines and either work or get stuck on social media.You will find that there are also families online that offer short term accommodation in their homes.

They will usually have an extra room that they will rent out on a short term basis that you can use during your break and the pricing will usually be negligible. The goal of your break should be to simply forget about all of the stress of life and work and truly think about what you want to do with your life. Take time to make plans for your future and if you dream of starting a small business, this would be a good time to plan it out.


So you know you want to a holiday, and you definitely know you want it to be fun, but what you do not know, is where you want to go. Well, relax. This is a situation a fair few people find themselves in though it does not make them panic any less. Being faced with the possibility of actually going away after daydreaming for so long is enough to make you want to pinch yourself; you want to pull out all stops and make it a trip to remember. So instead of wrapping yourself in confusion, maybe this list will help you get more organised and give you a head-start.


This might seem rather obvious, but when you get down to it you will see how good it is that you decided to give this some thought. You see, there are just so many types of holidays: beach holidays, winter landscapes, honeymoon packages, adventure holidays and so much more. Although yes you could do one of each depending on your time and budget, most of the time that is not an option so you have to narrow one down. Firstly, decide on the type of holiday you want and then go from there.


Are you planning to work on a budget or go for a bit of a splash? If you feel like you have not really spent on yourself or indulged in a long time, there is certainly nothing wrong with pampering yourself a little. In fact, it will help you feel like a proper tourist, without having to count up you bank balance after every purchase Italian restaurant phuket Again, the type of holiday you want comes into play here since that will determine the type of budget you will be working with. Different countries offer different opportunities so you might want to look around.


Assuming you are working on a budget, hunting for discounts first is incredibly useful when narrowing down your next destination. You see, that way you will be able to pick something that is within your means, allowing you to better enjoy your holiday. Look up hotels and other travel packages that are available for a great rate before settling in on one. You will be surprised to find just how many travel suppliers have tempting packages on offer.


Ask your friends, family and anybody else who might have tips for you. There are actually many people who travel a ton regularly, so they will have a whole lot of insight for you. Sure you might a little jealous, but that is not what you should be focusing on! Go online, visit tour operators and simple scour every bit of information you can find. Inside information is the best, such as through personal experience since it gives you a first-hand account of the place as well.