Types Of Games You Can Use At Carnivals

Carnivals can bring life to a city or town bringing everyone together to have fun and enjoy themselves with their family, friends and loved ones. If there one timeless thing factor that brings in the fun and joy to carnivals are the games and food. Today let us put aside food aside and focus on the games. You might be part of a carnival organizing committee or hoping to organize one in your community and for that you will need a list of games to have in your carnival. Let us take a look at the different types of games that you can have in your carnival.

Let us start with the basic games. Ball games are the most famous games at carnivals. You will have a pyramid of bottles or cans and be given three balls to bring it down. Darts are given to pop balloons that are pasted on a wall. Instead of darts you can give a toy gun or a toy bow and arrow. Instead of balloon you can have colour targets – you can twist anyway you want to. Toss the ring and toss the ball in to the bucket. Basketball throwing is also included in the ball throwing.

These are the not so complicated games. Bigger games that can be organized are bumper castles, horror houses, etc. You can search kids jumping castle hire or just jumping castle hire you can easily find one for your carnival. Get an organization or a youth organization to come forward and organize a horror house at your carnival. Give them the freedom but monitor their organizational skills. Whatever said and done it I your carnival and it has to fit your carnival theme and style.

Another fun game is the duck of war! It is similar to tug of war but you have two players competing each other for rubber duck that is in the middle of the pond. The challenge of this you give the two players water guns and using them they have to get the duck to the other side. The first to get the duck to the opposite side wins. You can give them a chick or a young duckling as a prize if you wish. You could place toy ducks on a pond ask the participants to shoot them.

Other things that you can add to your carnival can be a photo booth with several fun props and print the photo then and there let them take it home as a souvenir. Face painting for the kids are also a great way to keep the kids excited. You see it not the lack of resources but the lack of ideas. Get thinking ask around and get as creative as possible.