Moving On From Tiles And Carpets

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Tiles and carpets have been part and parcel of every house since your childhood. There was a time when tiles were reserved for an elite class of people and was very sought after. Our parents swear by the advantages of tiles, about how easy they are to maintain and how durable they tend to be. But now very well into the 21st Century, and tiles and carpets have undergone a transformation just like television sets. From being the rare thing in the house, they are now present in every house and every corner. For people who want to step away from the trend and crowd, they sometimes prefer to use carpets, but timber laminate flooring offer a 30-year guarantee bring about another set of problems with them.

Anyone who has tried to clean up spilt coffee from a rug or carpet will know the struggle. At times you have to give up and send it to the laundry, which again costs more money and wastes a lot of your time. Hardwood flooring is a flooring type that fits the purpose required by these types of people. It is ancient type of flooring where the planks are made from the same piece of timber. They can be sanded and finished many times and the thickness varies to your preference. This flooring type can be very expensive and even more expensive to install. It might require a complete overhaul of your floors and the other downside is the fact that it is not environmentally friendly.

Hardwoods take up to 120 years to mature, and cutting them down for flooring is a serious waste. It is for this reason that laminated flooring was founded. It is basically a type where the wood is layered together and a realistic print of timber is printed on the wood. There are more than a dozen prints available to choose from.

Engineered wood floors are typically considered as the best laminate flooring. This is because engineered wood floors are able to replicate the touch and texture of actual hardwood for a more authentic look and feel. They also used less wood and are considered to be more nature friendly and do not constrict or expand during weather changes and offer the ability to be sanded many times over. Laminate flooring does not scratch easily, but standing water can have disastrous effects on the wood.

Having laminate flooring where a refrigerator is stored or applying it in a kitchen is a recipe for trouble. If your wood gets damaged, most probably you will have to change the whole flooring again. It is ideal for floors where a lot of movement and damage is likely to occur, because laminate flooring is extremely durable.

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